Dr. Scott Taylor

Scott's Background

Scott has been an educator since 1992 and has led schools at all levels of public education. He is a chief school administrator/superintendent and adjunct professor at Rutgers University and Montclair University, co-creator and faculty of the Academy for Social-Emotional Learning in Schools (click). Scott's blog (http://successfulschools.blogspot.com) was recognized in 2005 by Edudemic as an "Education Administrator Blog you Should Start Following Right Now." He received his doctorate from Columbia University, and his Master's and undergraduate degrees from Rutgers University.

Scott's Area of Focus

Scott's professional mission has been to foster caring relationships among kids, their schools, their peers, and the adults with whom they interact. He has developed and implemented comprehensive social-emotional learning (SEL) programs in each of the districts he has led and has provided professional development and consult for schools and colleges/universities throughout the country.

In addition to being recognized as a national leader in the area of social-emotional learning, Scott has extensive experience crafting, implementing, and reinforcing well recognized gender-expansive support policies to protect students’ rights.