The Plan and Rates

The Resume Pulled From the Pile

Principals receive hundreds of resumes for teaching positions. Superintendents recieve almost as many for supervisor and pricinapl positions. A resume has to stand out if it's to be one of the eight to 10 chosen for an interview.

Scott will pore over every line of your resume and provide very detailed suggestions for ordering the different sections of the document and the experiences that should illustrate what makes you the candidate the best fit for the position.

Process: You will submit your resume digitally to Scott and receive detailed feedback embedded in the document about the appearance, sequence of topics, and job description information.

Fee: $75

Interviewing to Make a Lasting Impression

Education position interviewers want to know about your personality...your interests...and your skill sets. Candidates who present these things authentically and whose real personalities shine are the ones who get the job.

Scott will simulate the interview experience in "real-time" by role-playing the process. An extensive debrief that includes honest and direct feedback follows each simulation.

Process: You will arrange a one to one-half hour in-person mock interview session with Scott. Scott will provide comprehensive feedback after each response. Feedback will be direct, honest, and concrete. The end of the session will include general best practice strategies for successful interview entrances and exits.

Fee: $100